AVECO Membership

AVECO, a Missouri non-profit organization, was established in 1994 by a group of School Certifying Officials that saw a need to develop training, information exchange, and workshops.  AVECO has become the foremost training and networking organization for professionals administering education benefits for veterans and other eligible persons.

What can AVECO do for you?

Laws, rules, and procedures that relate to education benefits are frequently modified.  AVECO in partnership with Central Office Staff, Education Liaison Representatives, State Approving Agencies, Regional Processing Staff, and other agencies ensure that you’re informed of these updates and changes.

Networking for School Officials

Although the GI Bill regulations are federal and policy and procedure is supposed to be uniform border to border, individual practices vary.  What is the best practice for you?  Just ask!  Sometimes nothing helps work through an issue better than the insight of someone in the same position.  AVECO provides a helpful forum through our annual conference to compare notes with other schools as to what works and what may not.

Training, Training, and More Training!

One thing you can be assured of as an AVECO member is that you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about the VA and VA processes.  You will also have the opportunity to receive answers to tough questions directly from the source at the AVECO Conference.  Whether it’s hands-on training with new systems or review of office procedures, AVECO’s goal as an organization is to make you the best trained, most knowledgeable School Certifying Official you can be!

See yourself as a member...

COVID-19:  Due to the restrictions of the current pandemic payments made by check will have a delay in processing as a result of social distancing and campus closures. To insure timely processing of your payment you are encouraged to use Paypal which you will be redirected to once you submit your form.  To make a payment over the phone please email andrea.wheeler@devry.edu.


Learn and connect with like-minded professionals while you continue to expand your knowledge of military and veteran education benefits processing and advisement.

Annual membership for the 2020 calendar year is $100 per institution/organization, and certification support staff.

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