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Volunteer with AVECO Today!

Join the best part of the AVECO Conference, the backstage crew! We know that our membership is filled with talented and energetic people, and we need your help to make our training conference the best it can be by joining

one of our 5 conference committees.

Registration Committee

Chair: Danielle Downs
Co-Chair: Tyler Dionne

The registration committee volunteers will support registration and logistics for the week of the conference to include: check-in of attendees, directional guidance to session rooms, Whova app session checkers, and assists with pre-conference preparation.


*Committee members must be able to arrive at the conferencing location one to two days prior to conference.


Program Committee

Chair: Andrea Wheeler
Co-Chair: Sheri Gross

Committee responsibilities include generating initial ideas for conference sessions, coordinating with VA officials on presentations for the conference, identifying and contacting presenters for each session, putting together the conference agenda, coordinating entertainment for the conference, handling logistics for presenters, securing each presenters presentation for posting to WHOVA, and communicating with AVECO membership and conference attendees about registration and updates.

Access Committee

Chair: Brian Lewis-Hardy
Co-Chair: Sarah Helmick

This committee’s role is to provide support and assistance to AVECO members who are in need of additional accommodation during our annual conference. The volunteers will assist the committee chairs in relaying special needs to the hotel, referral of resources and an immediately identifiable resource in case of an emergency during conference.

Headphones and Keyboard

Audio/Visual Committee

Chair: Kari McKinckle
Co-Chair: Tyler Dionne

The AV committee chairs are supported by two current AVECO member volunteers who assist them in the technical tasks associated with the operation of the annual conference.  

A daily check list during conference would include the following:

  1. Ensure microphones are working properly and can be heard through the whole room.

  2. Check that computers are connected to the hotel’s internet.

  3. Make sure all slides are downloaded on the computer for the presenter.

  4. Turn on all lights in the room.

  5. Report any issues to Amber and Roby immediately.

  6. End of the day:

  • Make sure all radios/walkies are on the charger. 

  • Make sure all computers are shut down and secure. 

Sponsorship Committee

Chair: Cheryl Kennedy
Co-Chair: Sheri Gross

The Sponsorship committee works to build closer ties between the business communities with its focus on gaining financial sponsorship resources for the Association of Veterans Education Certifying Officials (AVECO).  This committee’s relationship with the chambers is twofold.  One it will garner financial support for the scheduled AVECO conferences within the area. And secondly, it will allow large, medium, and small businesses to promote their products and or services and demonstrate their commitment to our veterans.

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