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Calling All Public Speakers & Peer Trainers 

The Association of Veterans Education Certifying Officials is seeking submissions for its 2024 Annual Training Conference in Cleveland, Ohio – July 7—11, 2024. The AVECO board welcomes those wishing to provide an informational session that aligns with our mission:


“To prepare and serve administrators and counselors of veterans’ education benefits in institutions of higher learning and other public and private agencies and organizations engaged in the support and/or administration of veterans’ education benefits.”


AVECO welcomes colleague and community advocates open to presenting sessions that promote the following:


  • SCO and military services best practices, 

  • Support services for a successful boots-to-books transitions, 

  • Innovative ways of using technology to support your offices military and veteran focused missions, 

  • Successful office adaptation of military and veteran education services policies.  


Submissions should be submitted via the 2024 Conference Information Submission Form by May 17, 2024, and should include the following:


  • Title of Presentation: Accurately reflect the learning focus of your session (15-word maximum). Create a title that makes the reader want to learn more about your session.   

  • Session Summary: Concisely describe your presentation and what attendees will learn in 5-8 sentences. If selected, this will be used as your session description on the conference agenda and web app.

  • Takeaways: (required) What will learners know or be able to do due to attending this session?

  • List of Presenter(s): Name, education, title, organization (please follow this format).

  • Session Overview: Summarize you session to providing an overview of your topics and discussion points.


If you have questions concerning the process, please email Sheri Gross at

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